Our tool and die designers use state-of-the-art die design CAD/CAM systems. With this and over a century of combined experience, we are capable of designing and constructing all types of progressive, forming and blank dies.  

  Both our CAD/CAM and EDM computer departments enable FYCO to offer complete die design using the most current, economical and accurate programs for today's industry.  

Industry Affiliation
Member of the National Tooling & Machining Association
Excel Stamping and Manufacturing, Inc.
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Do you need specific metal parts and components for your company? The tool and die manufacturer that you can trust is FYCO Tool and Die Inc.!

FYCO Tool and Die Inc.
stands out among the best die makers in Houston TX. Here at FYCO, we don't just manufacture tooling and dies we also maintain and repair dies - we provide effective solutions for your company.

Here are the advantages of trusting Fyco Tool and Die Inc:

- High-quality and precise service: Our die making & die design service boasts high-standard quality which helped us earn the respect of many clients. Every project that we take on is treated with utmost precision and urgency.

- Quick turnaround time: Aside from our exceptional service, we also have quick turnaround periods. Whether you need a regular or rushed service, we will deal with the order immediately.  

- High-grade die design tools: FYCO Tool and Die Inc. has experienced tool and die designers that use the latest die design CAD/CAM systems.

- Competitive pricing: With our competitive pricing, you don't have to worry about wasted money and resources. We will give you the best service with affordable rates. 

If you're ready to place an order request or inquire more about our capabilities, you may reach us at 281-304-4480. You can also send us an email at